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Heather Kachowski Harke


How cute are these?!?

So well made!

I needed something for the public bathrooms at Shoplift Deals. These “Back-of-the-toilet” boxes made by Corri Chamberlain and her local wood working company CJLS Woodworking are incredible.

They are the perfect amount of sassy! With so many options for wood work and vinyl type products, I am always unsure of quality. Sometimes pictures are hard to determine how well something is made.

Corri and her hubby spare nothing on quality.

The entire box is totally sanded down so it is smooth- even the corners and edges. And she even supports another local Airdronian with their vinyl work as well! And the lettering is sealed with a clear coat so there are no edges that can lift or anything.

They also make the ladder shelves, over the oven space savers, shelf ladders, custom tables, and even those awesome dog kennel/furniture pieces. Pretty much anything wood! I am getting them to make me planters for outside Shoplift and my personal house too!

I was really really impressed with their workmanship!

And SO well priced! Another great local gem!

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